Sunday, August 19, 2012

New & Improved Personalization Process

Our New Personalization Process

We recently launched our New and Improved Personalization Process.We've kept the same easy to do, step by step concept, but have added a number of features and improvements to make things even easier.

New Features Include but not Limited to the Following:
  1. Comparable Products TAB for quickly adding your design to products that are similar to the product that is being personalized.
  2. Your Designs TAB for quickly switching between designs that you've recently created or designs that were from previous orders.
  3. Shopping Cart Preview TAB for easy viewing of apparel and designs added to the shopping cart.
  4. Auto Save - Designs you've created are automatically saved for later use.
  5. Start From Where You Left Off - If you exit the Personalization Process and then re-enter it, you can continue from where you left off or start designing from the beginning
  6. A more accurate pricing algorithm for calculating digitizing fee associated with uploaded logos.
  7. Visually Stimulating - Added pictures and examples to help guide you through the process.
Below is an illustration of the new look. To Start Personalizing your apparel go to

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