Sunday, October 08, 2006

Embroidery Business Makes Moves to Reach More Customers

After years of being a Mom & Pop Shop, University Fashions has decided to take the business nationwide.

From its humble beginnings in 1991 as a home based embroidery business University Fashions has become a leading provider of personalized apparel. Starting out as a company targeting college students, University Fashions strived to make a name for itself as a leading provider of custom apparel for college clubs and organizations. With limited success in the college arena, the company switched gears and began taking a different route. With its large number of local customers seeking creative gift ideas and custom apparel such as embroidered hats, bags, shirts, etc for their local clubs, organizations, and teams, University Fashions attempted to tap the local market. Seeking out local schools and organizations to provide uniforms and custom embroidered apparel proved to be a worth while endeavor. The company quickly became the leading provider of custom apparel to local teams and schools.

With continued success in the local arena and without much more room for growth the company has decided to take the business online. University Fashions has created a website that allows customers to personalize their products without any human intervention. Website Visitors can select their apparel and then add a design and custom text. University Fashions also gives their customers the option to have their own personal design digitized and embroidered.

The company hopes it can reach potential customers from coast to coast; providing individuals with a unique, affordable and easy to use system for customizing their apparel. Without any minimums placed on the quantity of item being ordered, University Fashions is able to reach a much broader spectrum of potential customers than its competitors. Since its website launched in 2004 the company has done well and has been able to live up to its reputation of being a company that prides itself on its quality and offers good customer service.

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